TCC Connect APIIntegrate and embed

Enhance your customer's experience with access to a comprehensive international payments service.

What are the TCC Connect Capabilities?

Embed our capabilities into your own user experience to deliver comprehensive international payment and remittance services to your clients and internal management and transaction applications.

  • Exchange Rates

    Add real time currency exchange rates to your web site or app via REST calls or widgets.

  • Buy / Sell Currency

    Buy, sell and hedge currency using real time rates.

  • Make Payments

    Make international and local payments. Set up and save payment runs. Choose how to route your payments.

  • Receive Funds

    Monitor status of inbound funds for conversion into local currency and/or making onward payments.

  • Control Settlement

    Settle with your clients, The Currency Cloud or other 3rd parties. Multiple settlement modes are available: Net, Bulk and single settlement.

  • Risk Management

    Manage all risk and collateral limits for you and your clients, query open positions, credit availability and exposure.

  • Beneficiary Management

    Maintain beneficiary details. Validate all beneficiary account details prior to saving a beneficiary – IBAN, SWIFT, ABA Sort Code etc.

  • Account Management

    Manage client and contact details, their permissions, your client pricing tables using your client reference IDs for simple reconciliation.

How do I get set up and running?

Going live with the TCC Connect API is a simple process. More detail is provided in the API documentation.

  • Read

    Read the documents to understand how the API functions and see the examples.

  • Register

    Apply for access to the TCC Connect API (only take 5 mins to get setup). Use the "Register" buttons on this site.

  • Validate

    Test your API calls using the TCC Connect reference API which allows you to test valid and error calls.

  • Develop

    Develop your application against real live exchange rate data and test against a dummy market.

  • Open Account

    Contact our sales team to open an account with The Currency Cloud. You need an account to go live.

  • Go Live

    Work with our on-boarding team to switch your application over from our demo environment to our live environment.

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